How to present info/warning data to the user?

Use Message component.

How to present error messages to the user?

Use ErrorMessage component.

How to show loading/fetching component?

Use Loading component or loading prop on specific Semantic UI React component. Use Icon component with spinner and loading prop set.

Should I use propTypes and defaultProps?

Always define propTypes and defaultProps static’s in new components.

When defining propTypes try to be as specific as possible (e.g. when object is expected, then try to specify what kind of fields are expected using shapeOf method).

How to use sorting/pagination/searching DataTable features with external APIs?

fetchData prop in DataTable executing toolbox.refresh gives you access to parameters in fetchData method in widget definition.

A simple widget example below shows how to make use of sorting/pagination/searching features in DataTable component.

What are the best practices for providing input fields?

  1. Use Form.Field component as a wrapper for all input fields as it provides a generic way of adding help description, required mark, label and error indication.
  2. Don’t use placeholders as labels.
  3. Always provide labels for input fields.
  4. Mark fields as required when they are mandatory.
  5. Provide user friendly field description if possible.

How to reference static file from widget’s code?

Use Stage.Utils.Url.widgetResourceUrl method.