SharedResource Node Type


SharedResource is a basic type which creating relationships to a remote service deployment in the blueprint, thus allowing modeling external resource outside of the application deployment lifecycle (so every executed workflow, besides install and uninstall workflows will not be applied to it).


As a shared resource in a application deployment, it represents an external resource and dependency to the deployment and not internal managed node. So a local workflow execution does not contain it in it’s scope, due to that the resource is managed be a separate deployment and scope.

Supporting Relationships

For allowing custom connection with the shared resource there is a need to run a workflow on the target deployment. For example for a custom connection, is a shared resource of service discovery and the requirement to register and unregister services, which can be done in relevant workflows in the relationship lifecycle. For more information please look at cloudify.relationships.depends_on_shared_resource and cloudify.relationships.connected_to_shared_resource in relationships spec.

Support in topology widget

Topology View Example

Node type:



Runtime properties:

These are the used runtime properties for the internal implementation: