Cloudify Helm Chart

The Cloudify Manager may be installed on a Kubernetes cluster using the official Helm chart. There are two options for installation:

Each option is described in more detail below.


To use the official Helm charts, you will need:

Cloudify AIO Helm Chart (Community Version)

The Cloudify Manager AIO Helm chart is the preferred way to become familiar with Cloudify. It is a very simple installation that can be deployed in minutes.

The chart has several limitations that you should be aware of, as this option is only suitable Cloudify basic trial:


To the AIO manager via Helm, add the repository to Helm and install the chart as show below:

helm repo add cloudify-helm

helm install cloudify-manager-aio cloudify-helm/cloudify-manager-aio

To understand all available options AIO Cloudify Manager chart has, please read Cloudify AIO Helm chart.

To understand all available options for the AIO Cloudify Manager chart, please see the Cloudify AIO Helm chart documentation.

Cloudify Manager Worker Helm Chart (Premium Version)

The Cloudify Manager Worker Helm chart deploys a highly available installation of the Premium version of the Cloudify Manager. This includes several features that are appropriate for a production installation:

This is how the setup looks after it’s deployed to ‘cfy-example’ namespace (it’s possible to have multiple replicas (pods) of the Cloudify Manager):

The diagram below shows an example architecture deployed to the cfy-example namespace. Note: It is possible to have multiple pod replicas of the Cloudify Manager.



Installation of the Cloudify Manager Worker Helm chart involves several steps. Please consult the Cloudify Manager Worker Helm chart documentation for the complete process. At a high level, this involves the following steps:

  1. Deployment of DB (Postgres)
  2. Deployment of Message Broker (RabbitMQ)
  3. Cloudify Manager Worker deployment

Note: The database and message broker must be deployed prior to deploying the Manager Worker.

Hosted Kubernetes Deployment Examples

The documentation below covers the stallation of the Cloudify Manager Worker Helm chart across different hosted Kubernetes services: