Cloudify ships with a monitoring and alerting software build around Prometheus behind a Nginx HTTP reverse proxy and a few exporters. This bundle is called Status Reporter and is used to check and report on the status of a Cloudify Manager, a database and a queuing service, combining them into single information about the services’ health.

Below is the diagram of Status Reporter components (in blue) in All-in-One environment (all Cloudify’s components running on the same single node).

Status Reporter deployed in All-in-One environment


Status Reporter is enabled by default. But it could be disabled by removing monitoring_service entry from the list of services_to_install in Cloudify’s config.yaml, prior to installation.

Example config.yaml part with Status Reporter installation enabled:

  - manager_service
  - monitoring_service

The same part of config.yaml, but with Status Reporter installation disabled:

  - manager_service