The Cloudify Manager may be installed to a Kubernetes cluster using our official helm chart. You have two options for installation: AIO helm chart and Cloudify manager worker helm chart, to better understand each option read about it below.


Cloudify Manager AIO Helm Chart ( Community Version )


A Helm chart for Cloudify Manager is:

This is the best and simplest way to make yourself familiar with Cloudify, running a Cloudify Manager AIO in a matter of minutes.


helm repo add cloudify-helm https://cloudify-cosmo.github.io/cloudify-helm

helm install cloudify-manager-aio cloudify-helm/cloudify-manager-aio

To understand all available options AIO, the Cloudify Manager chart has, please read Cloudify AIO Helm chart.

Cloudify Manager Worker Helm Chart ( Premium Version )


A Helm chart for Cloudify Manager is:

This is how the setup looks after it’s deployed to ‘cfy-example’ namespace (it’s possible to have multiple replicas (pods) of cloudify manager):


How to create and deploy such a setup?

  1. Deployment of DB (Postgres).

  2. Deployment of Message Broker (RabbitMQ).

  3. Deployment of Cloudify Manager worker.

You need to deploy DB and Message Broker before deploying Cloudify Manager worker.

To better understand how to install and configure Cloudify Manager worker setup please read Cloudify Manager worker helm chart

Deployment Examples