Hooks Workflow Plugin

Cloudify Utilities: hooks-workflow

This plugin enables to run a workflow as an actionable event(The example demonstrates run an uninstall workflow when install workflow failed).

Firstly, in order to hook an event, Add event handler to /opt/mgmtworker/config/hooks.conf(An example event provided on the example section).

Supported parameters(inputs):

Deployment properties combined for filter_by:

Additionally inputs for filter:

workflow_params(in the actionable event inputs) can be:


See the documentation for more information.

- event_type: workflow_failed
  implementation: cloudify-utilities-plugin.cloudify_hooks_workflow.tasks.run_workflow
    logger_file: /tmp/workflow_failed.log
    workflow_for_run: uninstall
    workflow_params: {}
    - path: ["workflow_id"]
      values: ["install"]
    - path: ["deployment_capabilities", "autouninstall", "value"]
      values: [true, "yes"]
  description: A hook for workflow_failed
# will be uninstalled after install
cfy install check-failure.yaml -b check1
# will save alive as deployments is not failed
cfy install check-failure.yaml -b check2 -i raise_failure_first=ignore_action
# will be stay failed
cfy install check-failure.yaml -b check3 -i autouninstall=no

For more examples, see hooks workflow examples.