Maintenance Mode

When in maintenance mode, Cloudify Manager activity is suspended. It rejects all requests, and does not perform any action other than to display the status of the Manager and it’s version, and to execute sub-commands of the maintenance mode.

Cloudify Manager has three maintenance states, activated, activating, and deactivated. To view the current maintenance state of the Manager, run cfy maintenance-mode status. The state is also displayed when you run cfy status (so long as the state is not deactivated).

Usage and Flow

By default, the maintenance mode state is deactivated.

To activate maintenance mode, run cfy maintenance-mode activate. Cloudify Manager either enters the activated or activating state.

To view the current status of the maintenance mode, run cfy maintenance-mode status.

Following the activation request, if there are no active executions (running, pending, cancelling etc.), maintenance mode is activated.
The output of cfy maintenance-mode status for the activated state is as follows.

Maintenance Mode Status:
	Status:	activated
	Activated At: <time of activation>
	Activation Requested At: <time of activation request>

If there are active executions, the Manager enters the activating state.

Maintenance Mode Status:
	Status:	activating
	Activation Requested At: <time of activation request>

Cloudify Manager currently has <number of active executions> running or pending executions. Waiting for them to finish before activating.

After all executions have completed, the Manager enters the ‘activated’ state.

Execution Details

If you run the maintenance mode status command in verbose mode, you can view detailed information about the current active executions.

Run cfy maintenance-mode deactivate to deactivate maintenance mode.