Displays the topology of the blueprint or the deployment currently set in the context.

See notes for more information on resource context.




Each of the blueprint’s nodes is displayed as a square container that can contain other nodes. Each node has a name, and an icon (upper right corner) to indicate its node type.

Relationships between nodes are indicated with arrows that start at the connected node and end at the target node.

The number of node instances is marked in a bullet beside the node’s type icon.

Each node is provided with an icon (top left corner). For built-in node types it is the Cloudify logo. For node types coming from plugins it is an icon selected during plugin upload (setting plugin icon is optional, by default a plug icon is used). See Plugins widget or Plugins Catalog widget for more details.

For Component nodes you can also see bottom right corner icons showing all plugins used by the component’s internal nodes.

Topology - multi plugins

Node types used in service composition are displayed in special way which allows user to expand it (display internal nodes) or drill-down to deployment (opens node’s deployment page).

Topology - service composition


In Topology widget you can:

There is also a toolbar in the right upper corner:

Topology - toolbar

It allows you to make changes in the view:

Terraform support

Terraform nodes created using Terraform plugin are treated in a special way. There are dedicated action icons in the bottom left corner of such nodes:

Terraform node collapsed:

Topology - Terraform node collapsed

Terraform node expanded:

Topology - Terraform node expanded

Terraform node info table:

Topology - Terraform node info


When executing a workflow for a deployment (e.g. the install workflow), the topology nodes show badges that reflect the workflow execution state.

Deployment Topology Node Badges

When you hover over the badge and the topology is displayed for specific deployment (not a blueprint), then you will see summary of node instances states related to specific node:

Deployment Topology Node Instances Details

Workflow states represented by badges


The following settings allow changing the presentation of the widget in different aspects, and are by default marked as “on”: