Ports and Entry Points

Rather than specifying the ports in each component’s overview, ports are specified here so that you can easily review the network requirements.

External Ports

By default, there are two external networks from which the Cloudify Managers are accessed:

Therefore, Cloudify requires only two entry points for its management environment:

Port Description
80/ 443 Rest-service/ UI access via Nginx
22 SSH access, to enable remote access to the Cloudify Manager. This is required for the cfy ssh command to work.

Application Ports

The following ports are exposed for agent-manager communication:

Port Description
53333 The REST service and the file server
5671 RabbitMQ

The agents use the REST service to update the application’s model (for example, setting runtime properties). Agents connect to RabbitMQ to receive tasks.

Local Ports

The following additional ports are exposed on localhost, and used by the manager internally:

Port Description
15671 RabbitMQ port
8088 The Cloudify Management Console backend port
3000 The Cloudify Composer backend port
5432 PostgreSQL port