Packaging a Blueprint

A structure of blueprint can be simple with one YAML file only, or complex with multiple YAML files, subfolders and other resources. The blueprint should be archived before uploading them to Cloudify Manager via Cloudify Management Console. The Cloudify CLI can manage the archiving process for you during upload, or upload existing archive. Also the archive is needed to upload the blueprint to a marketplace, or a storage cloud.

Single YAML file blueprints

Cloudify Management Console supports single YAML file blueprints. They can be uploaded without packaging them.

The archive structure

Supported archive formats: TAR, TAR.GZ, TAR.BZ2, ZIP

The archive should contains a folder with the blueprint resources. The default name of the main YAML file is blueprint.yaml. Other names are allowed also, but should be specified on the blueprint uploading.

Simple blueprint archive example:


Creating a Blueprint Package example:

The commands bellow create TAR.GZ archive:

tar czvf test_blueprint.tar.gz test_blueprint/

The command export COPYFILE_DISABLE=true prevents unwanted hidden files from being packaged inside the archive (i.e .DS_Store on OSX environment). The file and folder names can be customized.

The output file of the tar command above will be test_blueprint.tar.gz.