Automated Install

Cluster Manager

The purpose of the Cluster Manager package is to automate the procedure of installing a Cloudify cluster on existing VMs. The following article will guide you through the different steps of easily installing a Cloudify cluster on either 3 or 9 VMs.


Choosing a Cluster Configuration

Before using the Cluster Manager package you must prepare a set of VMs for your cluster. The Cluster Manager package supports all cloud providers and the following configurations:

Installing the Cluster Manager Package

You can run the Cluster Manager package from one of the cluster’s VMs, or from a different host in the cluster network. You can install the package either by using an RPM or by using pip install:

Installing Using an RPM

Run the following command:

sudo yum install -y

Installing Using pip Install

pip install cloudify-cluster-manager

Using the Cluster Manager Package

Once the VMs are ready, using the Cluster Manager package to build the cluster consists of three steps:

  1. Generate a cluster configuration file template based on the cluster topology you wish to deploy.
  2. Fill in the generated file with the relevant information.
  3. Run the cluster installation based on the completed configuration file.

Generating a Configuration File

Generating the configuration file is done using the command:

cfy_cluster_manager generate-config [OPTIONS]


Filling in the Configuration File

General Note

Fill in the information according to the comments in the file itself. NOTE! Do not delete anything from the file.

Load Balancer

As mentioned before, a load-balancer is not installed as part of the cluster installation. The load_balancer_ip value is used in the different config.yaml files for the instances’ connection.


config.yaml Files


Installing a Cloudify Cluster

Now that the configuration file is completed, we can move on to the cluster installation using the following command:

cfy_cluster_manager install [OPTIONS]


Removing a Cloudify Cluster

The created Cloudify cluster can be removed using the following command:

cfy_cluster_manager remove [OPTIONS]


Upgrading a Cloudify Cluster

The Cloudify cluster can be upgraded from v5.1.0 (or any later release) to a more recent version using the following command:

cfy_cluster_manager upgrade [OPTIONS]


Fault Tolerance Mechanisms

The Cluster Manager package has a few mechanisms to handle errors: