The user interface displays a predefined set of dashboard pages, each of which contains a set of widgets. The widgets are organized on each page to optimize the display of that page’s relevant data. The dashboard pages that you see depend on the user role you have.

Admin users can customize each page, including which widgets are shown and their position on the page. More details on how to do that can be found in the Customization section. More details about available built-in widgets can be found in the Widgets section.

Built-in templates

Below are the default set of pages (templates) presented per Cloudify version and user role.

Cloudify Premium Manager

Admin users

main-sys_admin template applies to sys-admin users in all the tenants, and includes the following pages:

Non-admin users

main-default template applies to all non-admin users in all the tenants to which they have access, and includes the following pages:

The users permissions to perform actions in these pages depend on the roles they have on the tenant.

Cloudify Community Manager

community template includes the following pages:

Built-in pages

This section presents set of pages available for admin users.