Fully Distributed

Cloudify Cluster Architecture


Cloudify Manager 6.4 clusters are composed of three separate services that construct the entire Cloudify solution:

  1. Cloudify Management Service – The Management service embeds the Cloudify workers framework, the REST API, the user interface infrastructure and other backend services. The Cloudify Management Service is a cluster of at least two manager nodes running in an active/ active mode.
  2. PostgreSQL Database Cluster – This service provides a high-availability PostgreSQL cluster based on Patroni. The cluster must consist of at least 3 nodes.
  3. RabbitMQ cluster – This service provides a high-availability RabbitMQ cluster based on RabbitMQ best practices. The cluster must consist of 3 nodes.

Each of those services is accompanied by a customized monitoring service. The service monitors the node for some basic metrics and also service-specific: message broker nodes will have RabbitMQ monitoring enabled, database nodes – PostgreSQL, and manager nodes – HTTP checks.