The cfy uninstall command is used to uninstall an application using Cloudify Manager, without having to manually go through the process of executing a workflow, deleting a deployment and deleting a blueprint.



Uninstall an application via Cloudify Manager.

This command executes the uninstall workflow, deletes the deployment and the blueprint (if there is only one deployment for that blueprint).

DEPLOYMENT_ID is the ID of the deployment to uninstall.

Optional flags

This command supports the common CLI flags.



$ cfy uninstall cloudify-hello-world-example

Executing workflow uninstall on deployment cloudify-hello-world-example [timeout=900 seconds]
2017-04-04 09:55:44.071  CFY <cloudify-hello-world-example> Starting 'uninstall' workflow execution
2017-04-04 09:55:44.927  CFY <cloudify-he...
2017-04-04 09:56:01.680  CFY <cloudify-hello-world-example> 'uninstall' workflow execution succeeded
Finished executing workflow uninstall on deployment cloudify-hello-world-example
* Run 'cfy events list -e 97a0c9af-9927-4189-8b36-5b3fba05347b' to retrieve the execution's events/logs
Deleting deployment cloudify-hello-world-example...
Deployment deleted
Deleting blueprint cloudify-hello-world-example...
Blueprint deleted