Exposing SubManager via UI

Installation via User Interface

Upload manager_discovery.yaml to Spire Manager.

Next, click Deploy under the blueprint tile. Instead of this, you can also click on the blueprint name and next Create deployment

After that, the following window will appear: sub manager exposition

Fill all necessary information and click Install button at the bottom of the dialog to start the Install workflow. To make sure if Environment is installed successfully, check the Verification of Installation chapter in the following part.

Verification of Installation

To verify if the sub manager Environment is created properly, go to the Environments tab and Click on created sub manager. Execution Task Graph must contain Install completed tile. You can also check if all tasks are finished with success in Deployment Events/Logs.

Verify 1

Deployment Info tab contains DEPLOYMENT OUTPUTS/CAPABILITIES part with information about the sub manager. Check if the information is correct. Verify 2