About CFY-Lint

CFY-Lint is a command line tool that can identify and fix stylistic and syntactical issues in Cloudify blueprints, for example:

Installing the CFY-Lint CLI

CFY-Lint can be installed using pip:

pip install cfy-lint


Usage: cfy-lint [OPTIONS]

  -b, --blueprint-path PATH     Path to the blueprint file that you want to
                                lint.  [default: (blueprint.yaml)]

  -c, --config PATH             ability to use configuration file or options.
  -v, --verbose                 show full verbose logs
  -f, --format TEXT             toggle format, options empty or "json".
  -xs, --skip-suggestions TEXT  Remove suggested values for supported

  -af, --autofix                Fix changes in place.
  --help                        Show this message and exit.

Blueprint Path

-b, --blueprint-path

Provide the relative or absolute path to a Cloudify DSL file, such as a blueprint or a plugin YAML.

NOTE: The CWD must be the same directory as the file, if you want to use relative imports to other YAML files.


-c, --config

Provide a YAMLLint config file to disable specific rules, such as indentation or truthy-ness.


-v, --verbose

By default, we suppress the error trace stack when Python exceptions are raised and provide only the error message. Verbosity provides the full error stack trace.


-f, --format

By default, format is line-by-line standard logger format. Toggle -f=json in order to consume linting messages in JSON format.

Skip Suggestions

-xs, --skip-suggestions

CFY-Lint will sometimes attempt to suggest a solution. These solutions are not always applicable. For example, CFY-Lint might suggest to provide a type: boolean for an input if the default value is True. However, perhaps you intended that this will be a string.


-af, --autofix

CFY-Lint can fix certain issues during linting. This is turned off by default.