StarlingX Plugin

The StarlingX plugin enables you to discover StarlingX systems and manage resources on StarlingX systems.

Start out by providing the credentials for an existing StarlingX system. The install workflow will gather information from the system, for example type and location.

To discover subclouds, execute the discover_and_deploy workflow over a Controller deployment. This workflow performs the following tasks:

NOTE: The StarlingX Plugin is designed to work with the StarlingX blueprint, which is located in the examples directory of the plugin repository.



The following are possible for a StarlingX system deployment:


During installation the plugin requests a system’s location (latitude and longitude) from the StarlingX API, and creates a Site in Cloudify. You can see sites’ location on the map on the Dashboard screen.

Node Types


This node represents a StarlingX System. A system can be a System Controller, Standalone system, or a Subcloud.


Runtime Properties:



The StarlingX plugin supports the following stories:

NOTE: Manual enrollment requires you to assign the csys-obj-parent label.


All stories require that you provide a secrets for the following values:

You are free to change the names of the secrets, however, you must provide the secret names in the deployment inputs when enrolling a new system.