Managers of Managers

Using Cloudify as a Manager of Managers (a.k.a MoM or Spire)

Using Cloudify as a Manager of Managers
Using Cloudify as a Manager of Managers

The Cloudify managers of managers (Spire) feature allows control of several managers (local managers) from one manager (Spire) via the deploy-on feature. The deploy-on feature allows users to deploy services on the discovered environments. The deploy-on feature also provides a means to deploy the same service on multiple environments using a single command. Users can group the environments based on location, tagging and filters. The following guide provides a step by step guide on how to install sub managers, add them to a central manager using a discovery mechanism, and deploy an application on multiple managers through a single command.

1. Installation of Cloudify Spire Manager

To install the MAIN Manager (Spire), please refer to the Cloudify official documentation.

You can also check Cloudify EC2 Provisioning. It is the package for installing the Cloudify Manager on an ec2 AWS instance.

2. Installation of sub-managers

You can install a sub-manager in the same way as the main manager (Spire). The most important thing is to make sure that your network is set up correctly (all local managers must be available for Spire Manager).

3. Exposing sub managers in Spire Manager

To use local managers through the central Spire manager, you need to expose information about them in Spire via discovery blueprint. The discovery blueprint automate the process of exposing the relevant configuration properties for each manager and placing them as an environment in the Spire manager.

Adding sub-manager through the discovery blueprint

First step is to deploy manager_discovery.yaml with proper inputs:

Installation using the Cloudify Management Console

Installation using the Cloudify API

Installation using the Cloudify API

Required secrets

To perform correct management, you need to create also a proper secret about your all sub managers in Spire central manager. There are two ways to connect Spire with sub managers:

The name of secrets must be compatible with the secrets as inputs used in “Deploy on” mechanism.

4. “Deploy on” mechanism

The deploy-on feature :

Deploy On Mechanism