QCOW2 Image (OpenStack)


A Cloudify Manager is a compute host that runs the Cloudify Management services. To help you get running with Cloudify Manager easily, Cloudify provides images of Cloudify Manager for OpenStack.

You can create an OpenStack instance with the OpenStack QCOW file. Images include pre-installation of Cloudify Manager and its dependencies.

Setup an Instance of a Cloudify Manager Image

  1. Go to the Cloudify download page and select the Cloudify Manager QCOW Image.

  2. Go to your OpenStack cloud and launch an instance based on the image you downloaded:

    1. Go to Compute > Images and click Create.
    2. Enter the details of the image, including
      • Image Source - Select Image File and click Browse File to browse to the QCOW2 image file.
      • Format - Select QCOW2.
    3. Configure the instance resources according to the prerequisites.
    4. Launch the instance.
    5. To verify that the Cloudify Manager is installed after the instance is created and running, go to the Cloudify Management Console at http://<public_ip>. Use this IP address as the manager IP address
    6. The default username and password are admin/admin
  3. To use Cloudify Manager from the terminal using the Cloudify CLI, run the following command with your instance details.

cfy profiles use <manager-ip> -u admin -p admin -t default_tenant
  1. To change the admin password, run:
cfy users set-password admin -p <new-password>
  1. To update the active CLI profile to use the new password, run:
cfy profiles use <manager-ip> -u admin -p <the-new-password> -t default_tenant