Manager Architecture

Cloudify Manager comprises the following main parts:

Cloudify Manager

Cloudify Manager consists of the Cloudify code and a set of open-source applications. For an in depth explanation of these applications, click here.

The Cloudify Manager architecture is designed to support all potential operational workflows you might require when managing your applications, including:

You can also communicate with Cloudify Manager using the command-line interface, which uses the Cloudify REST client module to interact with the Cloudify REST service.

All requests are served via a proxy.

Cloudify Agent

Cloudify Agents are entities for executing tasks on application hosts. They listen to task queues and execute tasks when required.

The agents are designed to execute tasks using plugins.

In the background, the same agents that are used on the hosts are also used in Cloudify Manager, but in a different context. For instance, every deployment has two agents, one of which talks to IaaS APIs to deploy resources.

For more information about agents, click here.

Cloudify Management Console

Cloudify includes a Cloudify Management Console that provides the same features as the CLI, as well as others. For more information, click here.