Prerequisites for Installing a Cloudify Manager

Before you install a Cloudify Manager, you must review these prerequisites and make sure that your environment is ready to support the Cloudify Manager.

Manager Resources

Cloudify Manager requires at the least:

- Minimum Recommended
vCPUs 2 8
Storage 5GB 64GB

The minimum requirements are enough for small deployments that only manage a few compute instances. Managers that manage more deployments or large deployments need at least the recommended resources.

Recommended resource requirements are tested and verified to be dependent on these criteria:

Architecture and OS

Cloudify Manager is supported for installation on a 64-bit host with RHEL/CentOS 7.4.

Cloudify Images for Amazon, OpenStack, and Docker

You can also create a Cloudify Manager with the Amazon AWS, OpenStack, or Docker images available at Cloudify downloads.

Network Interfaces

Cloudify Manager requires at least 2 network interfaces with configured IP addresses:

Prerequisite Packages

There are specific packages that are commonly included in RHEL/CentOS. You must have these packages installed before you install Cloudify Manager:

Network Ports

Cloudify Manager listens on the following ports:

Port Description
80 REST API and UI. This port must be accessible when SSL is not enabled.
443 REST API and UI. This port must be accessible when SSL is enabled.
22 For remote access to the manager from the Cloudify CLI. (Optional)
5671 RabbitMQ. This port must be accessible from agent VMs.
53333 Internal REST communications. This port must be accessible from agent VMs.

Additionally, when the Manager is part of a Cloudify Manager cluster, the following ports must be accessible from all the other nodes in the cluster:

Port Description
8300 Internal port for the distributed key/value store.
8301 Internal port for TCP and UDP heartbeats. Must be accessible for both TCP and UDP.
8500 Port used for outage recovery in the event that half of the nodes in the cluster failed.
15432 Database replication port.
22000 Filesystem replication port.

All ports are TCP unless noted otherwise.