Logs and Events Workflow

This section describes the workflow of streaming metrics from a host to the Cloudify management environment.

sequenceDiagram participant X as external participant RMQ as RabbitMQ participant LS as logstash participant PSQL as PostgreSQL participant REST participant Nginx participant UI participant EV as External View X->>RMQ: submit event Note over RMQ: queued LS->>RMQ: retrieve Note over LS: processed LS->>PSQL: index Note over PSQL: stored REST->>PSQL: db query Note over REST: proxy query request Nginx->>REST: db query Note over Nginx: proxy query request UI->>Nginx: db query EV-->>Nginx: db query

The workflow is self-explanatory and corresponds with the same principles upon which the metrics workflow is based.

RabbitMQ stores messages within a dedicated, durable, non-exclusive topic exchange.

Log messages and events have separate queues. Currently, logs and events are stored in Elasticsearch in the same index. Although no abstraction is provided for this, you can use logstash to parse messages and store them in different indices if preferred, but they will not show in the Cloudify user interface.