The cfy dev command is used to run fabric tasks on a Cloudify manager via SSH.

This supplies an easy way to run personalized, complex ssh scripts on the manager without having to manually connect to it.


cfy dev [options] -p TASKS_FILE -t TASK

Run fabric tasks on the manager.

Required flags

Optional flags


$ cfy dev --tasks-file -v -t my_task -a --arg1=something --arg2=otherthing ...
$ cfy dev -v -t my_task -a arg1_value arg2_value ...

--tasks-file can be omitted if a file exists in your current working directory.

For example, to echo something in your currently running Manager, you need only supply a file with the following:

from fabric.api import run

def echo(text):
  run('echo {0}'.format(text))
$ cfy dev -t echo -a something

Cloudify provides a tasks repository from which users can obtain tasks and to which developers should contribute for the benefit of all.