The cfy ssh command is used to connect to a Cloudify manager via SSH.

You can use the command to create a new terminal session, run a command, or connect to a shared tmux-based session.


cfy ssh [OPTIONS]

Connects to a running manager via SSH.

host starts a tmux session (e.g. tmux new -s “ssh_session_vi120m”) after which a command for a client is printed in the tmux session for the host to send to the client (i.e. cfy ssh –sid ssh_session_vi120m).

When starting a new session, the host creates an alias for “exit” so that when a client connects and exits, it will run “tmux detach” instead and not terminate the session.

When the host exits the tmux session, a command will be executed to terminate the session.

Passing a command simply executes it on Cloudify Manager, whereas omitting a command connects to an interactive shell.

Optional flags



$ cfy ssh

Connecting to centos@
Last login: Tue Apr  4 05:51:20 2017 from
[centos@cloudify ~]$