Get Terraform Blueprints from the Marketplace

Getting Started guide to uploading and deploying Terraform based blueprints from the marketplace.



In this guide we are going through following steps to upload a blueprint based on terraform from the marketplace and test it. * Upload the Blueprint to Cloudify Manager * Test the uploaded blueprint by creating a deployment and installing it

Step 1 Upload the Blueprint

There are several places where to can enter the Marketplace Terraform section * Dashboard -> Run Terraform module button * Blueprints Page -> Run Terraform module button * Blueprints Page -> Upload button -> upload from the marketplace, select the Terraform tab

Click the upload button, After the upload has finished you will be forwarded to the blueprint’s page

Terraform Marketplace

Step 2 Test the blueprint by creating a Deployment and Installing it

Terraform Marketplace

Step 3 Verify the installation.

Terraform Marketplace