Default Widgets Reference

This section provides a description of all the widgets that are included by default in Cloudify Manager (out-of-the-box). Some of these widgets are presented in the initial page templates, and other can be added from the widgets catalog, accessible when in Edit Mode. If you do not see Edit Mode in the dropdown menu, you do not have permissions to edit configuration.

For information about adding widgets, placing them on a page, and so on, see Configuring the Cloudify Console Display.


The following widgets descriptions are listed in an alphabetical order, as they do in the widgets catalog.

Agents Management

Blueprint Action Buttons

Blueprint deployments

Blueprint info

Blueprint Sources

Blueprint upload button


Blueprints Catalog

Button link

Cloudify Managers Management

Composer link

Create deployment button

Deployment action buttons

Deployment Inputs

Deployment Metric Graph

Deployment Outputs/Capabilities

Deployment wizard buttons

Events and Logs

Events and Logs Filter


Executions Statuses Graph

High Availability

Maintenance Mode button

Nodes List

Nodes Statistics

Number of blueprints

Number of compute nodes

Number of deployments

Number of nodes

Number of plugins

Number of running executions

Only my resources

Plugin upload button

Plugins Catalog

Plugins List

Resource Filter

Secrets Store Management


Snapshots List

Tenant Management


Time Filter


User Group Management

User Management