The cfy install command is used to install an application using a Cloudify manager without having to manually go through the process of uploading a blueprint, creating a deployment and executing a workflow.



Install an application via the manager

BLUEPRINT_PATH can be either a local blueprint yaml file or blueprint archive; a url to a blueprint archive or an organization/blueprint_repo[:tag/branch] (to be retrieved from GitHub)

This will upload the blueprint, create a deployment and execute the install workflow.

Optional flags

This command supports the common CLI flags.



$ cfy install -p cloudify-hello-world-example-master/ec2-blueprint.yaml

Uploading blueprint cloudify-hello-world-example-master/ec2-blueprint.yaml...
Blueprint uploaded. The blueprint's id is cloudify-hello-world-example-master
Creating new deployment from blueprint cloudify-hello-world-example-master...
Deployment created. The deployment's id is cloudify-hello-world-example-master
Executing workflow install on deployment cloudify-hello-world-example-master [timeout=900 seconds]
Deployment environment creation is in progress...
2016-06-28T12:19:35 CFY <cloudify-hello-world-example-master> Starting 'create_deployment_environment' workflow execution
2016-06-28T12:21:18 CFY <cloudify-hello-world-example-master> [vm_8573e] Configuring Agent
2016-06-28T12:21:18 CFY <cloudify-hello-world-example-master> [vm_8573e.configure] Sending task 'cloudify_agent.installer.operations.configure'
2016-06-28T12:21:18 CFY <cloudify-hello-world-example-master> [vm_8573e.configure] Task started 'cloudify_agent.installer.operations.configure'
2016-06-28T12:21:18 CFY <cloudify-hello-world-example-master> [vm_8573e.configure] Task started 'cloudify_agent.installer.operations.configure'
2016-06-28T12:21:24 CFY <cloudify-hello-world-example-master> [vm_8573e.configure] Task succeeded 'cloudify_agent.installer.operations.configure
2016-06-28T12:21:49 CFY <cloudify-hello-world-example-master> [http_web_server_d776e.start] Task succeeded ''
2016-06-28T12:21:49 CFY <cloudify-hello-world-example-master> 'install' workflow execution succeeded
Finished executing workflow install on deployment cloudify-hello-world-example-master
* Run 'cfy events list --include-logs --execution-id acc1a58d-108b-4a10-84c5-abbabfa5cd2f' to retrieve the execution's events/logs