Cloudify High Availability Cluster Upgrade Guide


These instructions explain how to upgrade a Cloudify High Availablity (HA) cluster from version 4.3 to version 5.0.

Upgrade to new hosts

The key elements of upgrading a Cloudify HA cluster on new hosts are:

  1. Create and download a snapshot.
  2. Save agent ssh keys.
  3. Install new Cloudify version of manager on a new host.
  4. Restore previously downloaded snapshot on the new manager.
  5. Reinstall agents.
  6. Install new Cloudify version of extra managers on new hosts joining to the 1st manager.

Upgrade on new hosts

  1. Create a snapshot on the old Cloudify HA cluster and download it:

    cfy snapshots create my_snapshot  # --include-metrics #(optional)
    cfy snapshots download my_snapshot -o {{ /path/to/the/snapshot/file }}
  2. Save SSH keys from /etc/cloudify folder:

    cp –r /etc/cloudify/.ssh <backup_dir>
  3. Install a new Cloudify manager on a new host (See Installing Cloudify Manager Cluster guide).

  4. Upload and restore snapshot to the new manager:

    cfy snapshots upload {{ /path/to/the/snapshot/file }} --snapshot-id <snapshot_name>
    cfy snapshots restore <snapshot_name>
  5. Reinstall agents:

    cfy agents install --all-tenants
  6. Install the extra Cloudify managers on new host and add them to the cluster (See Installing Cloudify Manager Cluster guide).

  7. Delete old cluster’s hosts