Deployments Page

The default Deployments page displays the Deployments widget which provides a list of all deployments and enables you to create, update and delete deployments and execute workflows.

You can list only deployments created basing on specific blueprint by selecting the blueprint from Resource Filter widget below Create Deployment button. In the same way, you can list only deployments assigned to the same site.

You can also use Search input inside Deployments widget to filter deployments list.

Deployments Page

Each deployment in the list includes details about the attached blueprint, when the deployment was created (if it was updated icon indicating that will be shown near creation date), which site it is assigned to and the nodes on which it is deployed.

You can also quickly check status and logs of the last workflow executed on the deployment by hovering over the status icon in the top left corner of deployment. Depending on the type of the execution there are additional action buttons there.

Last Execution Status

The last execution status is indicated as follows:

The status of the deployments’ node instances is indicated as follows:

Node Instance Statuses

Creating a Deployment

  1. Click Create Deployment button.
  2. Enter a name for the deployment.
  3. Optional, specify a site to which this deployment will be assigned.
  4. Select a blueprint from the dropdown list.
  5. Specify the deployment inputs for the blueprint or use the defaults.
  6. Click Deploy.

The deployment is added to the list.

Deployment Details and Actions

When you click on a deployment in the list, a deployment-specific page opens that, by default, displays the following widgets.

You can also execute workflows, update or delete deployment from this page.

More about widgets listed above you can find in Default Widgets Reference.

Execute a Workflow

Each of the actions are described in detail here.

  1. Click Execute workflow.
  2. Click the action you want to perform (eg. Install, Uninstall, Scale, …).
  3. Provide values for workflow parameters.
  4. Click Execute.

Updating a Deployment

  1. Click Update deployment.
  2. Select the blueprint for the updated deployment.
  3. Select the inputs file for the blueprint or provide values for the inputs.
  4. Set actions to be performed during the update or use defaults.
  5. Click Update.

For more information about updating a deployment, click here.

For more information about creating custom workflows, click here.

Deleting a Deployment

  1. Click Delete deployment.
  2. When prompted to verify that you want to remove the deployment, click Yes.

Setting a Site

Set Site

  1. Click Set Site.
  2. Select the new site for the deployment. The selected site must be in the same visibility context of the deployment or higher. (i.e. both site and deployment are in the same tenant or the site is defined as global)
  3. Click Update.

For detaching the current site, leave the Site name input empty and toggle the Detach button.