Site Management Page

The default Site Management page displays the Sites widget which provides a list of all sites and enables you to create, update and delete sites. You can use Search input inside Sites widget to filter the sites list.

Site Management Page

Each site in the list includes the following:

The right column of the table allows permitted users to edit the site or delete it. Also, using the “Create” button on the right top corner of the widget, you will be able to create new sites.

Creating a Site

Create Site

  1. Click the Create button.
  2. Enter a name for the site. The name must be unique in the scope of the site (tenant/global).
  3. Optional, choose the visibility level (the icon of the green man), default: tenant.
  4. Optional, enter the location of the site. Expected format: latitude, longitude such as 32.071072, 34.787274.
  5. Click Create.

The site is added to the list.

Updating a Site

Update Site

  1. Click Update site.
  2. Enter a new name or location for the site.
  3. Click Update.

Deleting a Site

Deleting a site will remove the assignment of this site from all assigned deployments.

  1. Click Delete site.
  2. When prompted to verify that you want to remove the site, click Yes.