Cloudify cluster day 2 operations


Cloudify HA solution can contains three different clusters of database nodes, message queue brokers and Cloudify Managers. This require the ability to manage those cluster, which include add/removing/listing/custom-action to the cluster.

Cloudify management service operations

   cfy cluster remove <A resolvable hostname>

Message queue cluster operations

Database cluster operations

   cfy_manager dbs list
   cfy_manager dbs add -a\--address <Node address> -i\--node-id <Node's cloudify node id> -n\--hostname <node's hostname>
   cfy_manager dbs remove -a\--address <node's address> -i\--node-id <Node's cloudify node id>
   cfy_manager dbs reinit -a\--address <node's address>
   cfy_manager dbs set-master -a\--address <node's address>