Upload a Terraform Module

The following Getting Started guide will explain how to import a Terraform module and install it. In the example, we will use the existing Cloudify GitHub repo with several Terraform modules. Import public_vm Terraoform module. The module provisions EC2 with EIP on AWS.



In this guide we’ll go through the following steps to upload a Terraform module and test it.

Step 1: Open the Upload the Terraform Module Dialog

Go to the Blueprints page and from the Upload dropdown select the Upload from Terraform module. You should see the Create blueprint from the Terraform dialog.

Step 2: Provide a URL to the GitHub Terraform Modules Repository

Provide a URL to the GitHub repository containing the Terraform module.

For this example, we will use the Cloudify repository: https://github.com/cloudify-community/tf-source.git

Define Terraform Module Path

Step 3: Select a Module and Autoupload Variables

Terraform Module Variables autodetect

Step 4: Define the Varialbes

Define Terraform Module Outputs

Step 5: Define the Outputs and Capabilities of the Blueprint

The outputs of the Terraform module can be made available in the outputs and capabilities in Cloudify.

Step 6: Create the Blueprint

Submit the dialog, errors discovered will appear in the dialog. After successful submission, you will be forwarded to the create deployment modal.

Step 7: Create a Deployment and Test the Blueprint

Step 8: Explore the Deployment