This section presents information about help provided for the user in Cloudify Management Console.


On the Dashboard page you can find the Walkthrough button:

Walkthrough button

On click the button will take you to Learning through examples site.


In the bottom right corner of the screen on all pages you can find Tours icon. On click you get a list of available tours:

Tours menu

Each tour provides an interactive walkthrough for a common process or use case.

The image below presents Tours step example:

Tours step example


To get more detailed information about using specific widget, you can always hover over the widget and click on the Help icon Help icon

Widget with help icon

You will see a modal with description about the widget:

Widget help modal

The same information can be accessed from the official documentation pages at Widgets page.

There are links to documentation pages and support are in the Help menu:

Help menu

The menu is accessible from the top right corner of the screen.