High Availability Guides

Cloudify cluster day 2 operations

Introduction Cloudify HA solution can contains three different clusters of database nodes, message queue brokers and Cloudify Managers. This require the ability to manage those cluster, which include add/removing/listing/custom-action to the cluster. All day 2 operations should only be conducted while the cluster is in maintenance mode. Cloudify management service operations For removing a management service cluster node, please run on a management node (not the one you wish to remove): »

Cloudify High Availability Cluster Upgrade Guide

Overview This guide explains how to upgrade Cloudify to the new Cloudify Manager HA active-active cluster version. Since the old version of Cloudify cluster was active-passive, the guide is the same for both this case and the Cloudify All-In-One case. The best-practice to upgrade Cloudify is on new hosts, therefore a new host should be created for every existing Manager. Upgrade to new hosts Create and download a snapshot from the existing Manager. »