Widget Development Methods


We write our widgets in JavaScript. Rendering part of the widget definition can be created using:

  1. ReactJS - this is the recommended method and requires to create JS bundle file (you must use the build system described in Building section below). Code must be compatible with ReactJS v16.x.

  2. Plain JavaScript - enables you to write pure JS code and optionally attach an HTML template file.

See render function in Widget Definition page for details about how to use those methods.


To ease widget building, you should use one of the following environments:

  1. Widget Development Environment - it’s quick to set it up, but you’ll have to upload your widget to Cloudify Manager after every code change.
  2. Cloudify Management Console Development Environment - it takes more time to set it up, but once you have it configured, you won’t need to upload your widget to Cloudify Manager after every change in widget’s code, because building tools running in background would update it for you.

You can find environment configuration description under above mentioned links.