Source code for cloudify_rest_client.tokens

from cloudify.utils import parse_utc_datetime
from cloudify_rest_client.responses import ListResponse

[docs] class Token(dict): def __init__(self, token): super(Token, self).__init__() self.update(token) @property def value(self): """ :returns: The value of the token. """ return self.get('value') @property def role(self): """ :returns: The role of the user associated with the token. """ return self.get('role') @property def username(self): """:returns: The username associated with the token.""" return self.get('username') @property def description(self): """:returns: The description of the token.""" return self.get('description') @property def expiration_date(self): """:returns: The expiration date of the token.""" return self.get('expiration_date') @property def last_used(self): """:returns: The last time the token was used.""" return self.get('last_used') @property def id(self): """:returns: The ID of the token.""" return self.get('id')
[docs] class TokensClient(object): def __init__(self, api): self.api = api
[docs] def list(self, **kwargs): """Get a list of tokens. :param kwargs: Optional fields or filter arguments as defined in the restservice. """ response = self.api.get('/tokens', params=kwargs) return ListResponse( [Token(item) for item in response['items']], response['metadata'] )
[docs] def get(self, token_id): """Get details of an existing authentication token. :param token_id: The ID of the token to get. :return: Token """ return Token(self.api.get('/tokens/{}'.format(token_id)))
[docs] def delete(self, token_id): """Delete an existing token, revoking its access.""" self.api.delete('/tokens/{}'.format(token_id))
[docs] def create(self, description=None, expiration=None): """Create a new authentication token for the current user. :param description: The description of the token. :param expiration: The expiration date of the token. Can be provided in format YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm or relative to current time, e.g. '+10h' for 10 hours or '+30 minutes' for 30 minutes or '+1 day' for 1 day :return: Token """ data = {} if description: data['description'] = description if expiration: parse_utc_datetime(expiration) data['expiration_date'] = expiration return Token( '/tokens', data=data, ))