Deployment Updates API

class cloudify_rest_client.deployment_updates.DeploymentUpdate(update)[source]

Bases: dict

property id
property state
property deployment_id
property old_blueprint_id
property new_blueprint_id
property old_inputs
property new_inputs
property steps
property execution_id
property created_at
property runtime_only_evaluation
property deployment_plan
class cloudify_rest_client.deployment_updates.DeploymentUpdatesClient(api)[source]

Bases: object

create(update_id, deployment_id, **kwargs)[source]

Create a deployment-update object.

This is only useful from within the deployment-update workflow. Do not use this otherwise.

set_attributes(update_id, **kwargs)[source]

Update a deployment-update object with the given attributes.

This is only useful from within the deployment-update workflow. Do not use this otherwise.

list(_include=None, sort=None, is_descending=False, **kwargs)[source]

List deployment updates

  • _include – List of fields to include in response.

  • sort – Key for sorting the list.

  • is_descending – True for descending order, False for ascending.

  • kwargs – Optional filter fields. for a list of available fields see the REST service’s models.DeploymentUpdate.fields


Bulk insert deployment updates. For internal use only.

get(update_id, _include=None)[source]

Get deployment update


update_id – The update id

update_with_existing_blueprint(deployment_id, blueprint_id=None, inputs=None, skip_install=False, skip_uninstall=False, skip_reinstall=False, skip_drift_check=False, skip_heal=False, force_reinstall=False, workflow_id=None, force=False, ignore_failure=False, install_first=False, reinstall_list=None, preview=False, update_plugins=True, runtime_only_evaluation=None, auto_correct_types=None, reevaluate_active_statuses=None)[source]

Finalize the committing process





Generate deployment updates’ attributes for a snapshot.


deployment_update_ids – A list of deployment updates’ identifiers, if not empty, used to select specific deployment updates to be dumped.


A generator of dictionaries, which describe deployment updates’ attributes.

restore(entities, logger)[source]

Restore deployment updates from a snapshot.

  • entities – An iterable (e.g. a list) of dictionaries describing deployment updates to be restored.

  • logger – A logger instance.