Cloudify HA cluster maintenance

Cloudify Cluster status

Adding a new cluster node

When a new cluster node is added, it is required to configure its status reporter by the following steps:

  1. Collect the following data:
  2. A list of the current private IP addresses of the Cloudify managers, There must be at least one address, that list will be updated automatically afterward.
  3. Run the following command on each of the Cloudify managers to retrieve specific internal communication tokens:

    cfy_manager status-reporter get-tokens

    This will return a list of three token named ‘manager_status_reporter’, ‘db_status_reporter’ and ‘broker_status_reporter’, please copy aside ‘db_status_reporter’ and ‘broker_status_reporter’ tokens.

  4. Please copy to all cluster nodes, expect Cloudify management’s service ones, the CA certificate that was specified in the config.yaml at the section ‘ssl_inputs’ of field ‘ca_cert_path’. This is for for a secure connection between the reporters and Cloudify system.

  5. To enable and configure the node’s status reporter, execute (on every node’s machine):

    cfy_manager status-reporter configure --token <relevant status reporter token> --ca-path <Cloudify-rest CA certificate local path> --managers-ip <list of current managers ip>

    Configuring status reporter

The Status reporter can be configured by running the following command:

cfy_manager status-reporter configure <--reporting-freq/--token/--managers-ip/--log-level>