Cloudify Manager

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Cloudify enables you to deploy applications using two main methods:

  • Using the CLI only
  • Using Cloudify Manager

Cloudify Manager is a dedicated environment comprising an open-source stack which enables you to:

  • Utilize plugins (such as Docker, Script, Chef and Puppet plugins) to manage application hosts
  • Keep a directory of your blueprints
  • Create multiple deployments for each blueprint and install them
  • Execute healing, scaling and other custom workflows on your installed applications
  • Run multiple workflows concurrently
  • View an application’s topology and perform different tasks using the Cloudify Web UI
  • View metrics
  • Search logs

In addition, Cloudify Manager:

  • Provides a secure environment for managing applications via pluggable authentication and authorization mechanisms
  • Retains a history of metrics and events
  • Manages agents running on an application’s host machines

Although you can use Cloudify to provision resources directly from the CLI, use Cloudify Manager to manage production-level applications.

For more information about Cloudify Manager, see the Cloudify Manager section later in this user’s guide.