Upload Resources

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Cloudify provides you with a simple way to upload resources to Cloudify Manager.


     - ...
     - 'source_path': ...
       'destination_path': ...
      fetch_timeout: ...


Keyname Required Type Description
plugin_resources no list A list of wgn plugins (URLs or local paths) to be uploaded to the Manager. For more information about plugins, click here.
dsl_resources no dict A list of dictionaries, each of which comprises a source_path and destination_path for each dsl_resource.
source_path yes string The source path for the DSL resource.
destination_path yes string A relative destination path for the resource (relative to the file server home directory).
parameters no dict Describes the different parameters for the upload of resources.
fetch_timeout no int The maximum idle time (in seconds) allowed while fetching any resource. Note that the timeout refers to an idle connection, not the entire download process.

Plugin Resources

The plugin_resources section uses the Plugins API to upload any plugin path specified. Every resource is a string representing either a local path or a URL.


All plugins uploaded to the Manager blueprint must be in wgn format.

DSL Resources

The dsl_resources section enables you to upload any resource required for parsing blueprints. Every resource comprises a source_path and destination_path. The source path is either a local path or a URL. The destination path is relative to the home directory of the file server.


The value passed to --task-retries and --task-retry-interval in the CLI bootstrap command, applies to resource fetching. Each resource is retried up to --task-retries times, at intervals of --task-retry-interval seconds.


     - 'http://www.my-plugin.com/path/to/plugin.wgn'
     - 'source_path': 'http://www.my-plugin.com/path/to/plugin.yaml'
       'destination_path': '/path/to/local/plugin.yaml'
      fetch_timeout: 20

In this example you see the upload of two different resources:

  • In the plugin_resources section, the plugin.wgn is being uploaded. This plugin is used any time it is required by any blueprint.
  • In the dsl_resources section, the yaml file for that plugin is being retrieved from ‘http://www.my-plugin.com/path/to/plugin.yaml', and is being uploaded to the Manager’s file server, with the relative path of ‘/path/to/local/plugin.yaml’. This resource is used anytime the Manager parses a blueprint that references this plugin yaml file.

Retrieving each resource is limited to 20 seconds.