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The cfy bootstrap command is used to bootstrap Cloudify manager.


After bootstrapping a manager, the user and ssh-key provided to use it will be used to perform ssh related commands (e.g. cfy logs, cfy ssh) are saved on the machine which performed the bootstrap process. Running cfy use to control another manager will remove those settings and will NOT set the user and ssh-key to the manager you ran cfy use on.

See bootstrapping for more information.

Usage: cfy bootstrap [options] -p BLUEPRINT_PATH

Bootstrap Cloudify manager.

Required flags

  • -p, --blueprint-path=BLUEPRINT_PATH - The path to the desired manager blueprint

Optional flags

  • --task-thread-pool-size TASK_THREAD_POOL_SIZE - The size of the thread pool to execute tasks in (default: 1)
  • --install-plugins - Install the necessary plugins for the given blueprint
  • --keep-up-on-failure - Do not teardown the Manager even if the bootstrap fails
  • --validate-only - Validate without actually performing the bootstrap - process
  • --skip-validations - Bootstrap the manager without validating resources -
  • -i, --inputs=INPUTS - Inputs for a Manager blueprint (Can be provided as wildcard based paths (*.yaml, etc..) to YAML files, a JSON string or as “key1=value1;key2=value2”). This argument can be used multiple times.
  • --task-retries=TASK_RETRIES - How many times should a task be retried in case of failure (default: 5)
  • --task-retry-interval=TASK_RETRY_INTERVAL - How many seconds to wait before each task is retried (default: 30)



$ cfy bootstrap --install-plugins -p aws-ec2-manager-blueprint.yaml -i aws-ec2-manager-blueprint-inputs.yaml

Executing bootstrap validation...
Collecting https://github.c
Bootstrap validation completed successfully
Executing manager bootstrap...
Processing inputs source: aws-ec2-manager-blueprint-inputs.yaml
2016-06-27 08:53:00 CFY <manager> Starting 'install' workflow execution
2016-06-27 09:04:21 CFY <manager> 'execute_operation' workflow execution succeeded
Bootstrap complete